BJJ World Champion online program 


We are on a mission to help spread the seed of jiujitsu.

Technology allows us to learn through digital mediums.

That is why we have been working hard, to create a platform that provides a unique user experience where people around the world can learn my techniques and my mentality.

We studied whats out there and saw that most platforms only allow for users to view techniques but little ability to interact and engage with instructors and other users. 

We wanted to change that by creating a more interactive experience within our learning platform, taking online jiujitsu learning to the next level.

I wanted a learning platform that could allow me to interact in real time with all my students, friends and followers around the world.

One where I could teach them digitally but still be as virtually present as possible.

These are some of the things our platform allows you to do:

- create ur own profile
- track your studies
- create discussion boards w/ me or any of our instructors
- create playlists for customized learning paths
- ask questions to any of our professors or myself in real time.
- upload ur own videos so I can revise your techniques
- be notified of events and new classes
- access video conferences with me.
- access to webinars.
- access to our entire curriculum at Fight Sports Miami.
- exclusive access to my best techniques
- access to our fights and sparring sessions
- access to techniques from Fight Sports Miami Seminars.
- take tests on what you have learned
- engage with other users on the platform
and much more..

Join us today and take your jiujitsu learning experience to a new level!


Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu


Multiple Time World Champion
ADCC Absolute Champion
Head Instructor at Fight Sports Miami